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Oz 30 something stuff

Aussie, old and proud of it!

Oz 30 something
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Are you tired of posting to a community in your normal Aussie speech and having everyone go "Eh?"?
Did you think everyone in LJ land was under 18?
Do you need some true blue, dinky di Aussie mates to chat with?

Here we are! The Aussie 30 something community!!

We remember 12inch flares at discos, we remember Cyclone Tracey, we remember Australia II and we remember The Box, Matlock Police and Dr Who the first time around.

WooHoo. Join us and relax!!

The weather around Australia as members of this community are experiencing it right now....

in Perth:
The WeatherPixie

in Adelaide:
The WeatherPixie

in Brisbane:
The WeatherPixie

in Melbun:
The WeatherPixie

in Synny:
The WeatherPixie

in Hobart:
The WeatherPixie

The Alice:
The WeatherPixie

and last but not least - Dubbo:
The WeatherPixie

If your town isn't on this list and you want it to be, just ask in the community.

Are you glad you don't live in Artigas?
The WeatherPixie

or Grogingen:
The WeatherPixie

or even at the South Pole:
The WeatherPixie