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Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005, 10:28 pm
lovemonster: Woo hoo! Comin' back home to Oz soon!

Soooo, how does a YankDigger (urhm, or a DiggerYank … whichever way you wanna flip it) end up in lil' ol' Texas, Texas, USA?? It goes something like this: Background

Born of an Oz mum and a Yank dad who hook up on a double-blind date (but are not each other’s) eventually fall in love and marry after a series of odd adventures had by both. Nine months, one week and one day (to the day… I counted) TA DA! I. am.

Thus beings my vagabond ways, rarely to stay in one place for more than just a year or so, sometimes more but most times less. Raised in the wilds of Europe/America/Australia and forcibly dragged from one local to another (read: Air Force Brat), only to end up in *shudder* Dallas, Texas. Yes, of all places to end up after a life of travel, this is where daddy retires. *sighs* But, luckily enough… just 3 hours to the south lay ~the~ little oasis in the middle of bible-belt-red-neck-conservative-extremism… that’s right folks, DEEP in the HEART of TEXAS... aka: Austin, Texas ya’ll!. Yee Haw! It's here I graduated from Uni, found my honey and decided to settle down... even if I have to deal w/ the 110 degree heat (oh, uh... 40+ or so) during the long and cruel summers.

The #*@$ point... kinda

My “lil’sis” is getting married in January. Although I have been to and lived in Oz many times, my hubby (striker the uber-geek) has never set foot in country. Sure there are the myriad of tourist trap places (and I stress trap!) all over that beautiful land and I’m sure we will hit as many of those stops as possible.

However, he and I are both of the quieter set. We enjoy hiking and seeing country side, but no 8 hour long trek that involves scaling of mountains of rock, returning bloodied and sun burnt. No, we prefer to swim and go snorkeling, rather than the 200 ft (oh, uh… 60 meters or so, give or take) scuba dive, surrounded by blood thirsty hammerheads.

I guess what we’re looking for is places where we can have quiet walks, find a decent pub or two, meet fun interesting people, places off the beaten path, so to speak. Mostly we just wanna enjoy being in Oz. Hectic and crazy pace, we want to avoid, if at all possible. Because, you have to understand, when we’re in Sydney, it’s all about my family. And you know how demanding of time family can be!

Ok, ~now~ to the #*@$ point

We’ll be in Sydney for a couple days before we’ll have about 1-2 days to drive out of Sydney into the Blue Mountains. Since it’s been years since I have been out in the Bluies… any suggestions (lodging, sites, eats, pubs, entertainment and any general comments or suggestions) would be most appreciated! Nothing too rustic, but still off the main tourist path.

Also, following the wedding, we’ll be heading out of Sydney all together and probably up to the Whitsunday Islands. I have to take my honey out there. Although I realize it was 15 years since I was there, the memory of those crystal clear blue waters and soft-as-silk sand still follow me to this day. I would love to be able to share those things with him. Now, while I remember my trip vividly, the details are a bit sketchy.

So once again, I turn to you’re knowledge and guidance and ask: any more suggestions (see list above)?

So now that I've bored you all to tears.... I shall now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Anyway... thanks, really!
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